Lions Mane Dual Extract 60ml


Focus & Cognition
  • Cognitive Function Boost
  • Natural Nootropic
  • Memory, Motivation and Creativity Enhancement
  • Brain Health Promotion
  • Mental Health Decline Support
  • Mood Regulation
  • Gut Health
  • Inflammation Control
  • Antioxidants Source

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Focus & Cognition

The Lion’s Mane mushroom is one of the most powerful in the kingdom of fungi. It is an easily recognisable mushroom due to its unique and beautiful appearance.

All of our liquid extracts:

  • Non GMO
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Gluten free
  • 60ml bottle (30 day supply – 2ml per day)

The Benefits of Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Lion’s Mane mushroom shows to contain an abundance of bioactive compounds, which may be it’s secret to great power in the fungi kingdom. Many health benefits are thought to come from the consumption of Lion’s Mane, such as increased cognitive function, reduced inflammation and antioxidant activity [1-9].

Not only has the Lion’s Mane mushroom gained great popularity due to it’s incredible taste but also due to wonderful health benefits it is thought to provide. Historically the Lion’s Mane mushroom was reserved only for the Royals due to it’s highly regarded status.

Ingredients: Organic Lions Mane (Hericium Erinasc}

Ethanol, Purified Water, Artificial  Flavor, Color.